Light Therapy is new technology being used by dermatologists and spa professionals worldwide, as an effective skin care treatment.   Light Therapy encourages the skin’s own natural rejuvenation processes to help fight the effects of aging skin.  Acne treatments can also be found in the form of Light Therapy.

Young Looking Skin with Red Light Therapy for Skin Wrinkles

LED Red Light Therapy can help skin to become younger-looking by smoothing skin wrinkles and rough, age spots. Skin has the awesome ability to absorb infrared light and uses it as energy to stimulate healthy skin cells regeneration, including collagen.  Collagen is responsible for skin’s firmness and elasticity; lack of collagen causes saggy, wrinkled skin.  Collagen helps to repair damaged skin cells, leaving you with younger, healthier looking skin.

• Lessens pore size
• Reduces redness
• Increases circulation
• Encourages regeneration of collagen

Healthy  Skin with Blue Light Therapy for Acne

LED Blue Light Therapy kills the bacteria that can cause acne.  The bacteria absorb the light, which in turn, kills the bacteria.  No bacteria, means healthier, clearer skin!

•Reduces scarring
• Minimizes blemishes
•Reduces sebum and oil production
•Clearer Skin

Light therapy is a safe, effective way to help combat signs of aging, as well as make blemishes disappear.
Don’t forget that skin’s nutrition also plays a vital role in your skin’s health and appearance.  Make sure that you are taking good skin vitamins for healthy skin and to help aid the fight against the skin aging processes.

Winter is here.  Is your skin ready to fight the harsh winter weather?  Winter cold affects your skin, more than you may realize. Whether you enjoy being inside with the heat turned up or braving fierce, cold winds outside, your skin requires extra care during winter time.   What are some good ways to help protect your skin during these harsh, cold winter months?

Find a good moisturizer; apply as often as needed throughout the day.  Do not limit your skin’s happiness to one daily application.   If your skin feels tight, dry or itchy, apply moisturizer.  A good moisturizer helps lock in moisture and create a barrier protecting skin; keeping it from becoming dry and flaky. Hands tend to dry out more because of frequent hand washings.  Keep a purse size moisturizer to touch up hands and face throughout the day.

Keep your skin covered when outside, especially for long periods of time.  Wrap your face with a scarf when outside in cold, windy weather.  This helps to stop chaffing and windburn skin.  Wear gloves to protect your hands. For extra protection, moisturize hands before putting on your gloves.

Vitamins for Dry Skin Treatment

Do you crank up the thermostat    to toasty to escape the cold?  Cold air lacks humidity, while warm air from heating systems dries out the air, either way skin is more susceptible to becoming dry and cracked.  Drink water.  As tempting as it is to grab a hot cup of cocoa, your skin needs water too.  Drinking more water helps skin to stay moisturized, preventing dry skin.

Fruits and vegetables are a must for healthy skin.  Fruits contain vitamins and antioxidants to help skin remain strong and healthy.  Vitamin C is an excellent source for healthier skin.  Vitamin C assists in the formation of collagen.  Everyone knows that collagen is important for the skin.  It is the principle protein structure that holds skin together.  Collagen plays a large role in the appearance of your skin. Vitamins for dry skin will contain nutrients such as collagen and skin antioxidants like Acai berry and grape seed extract.

As you grow older, so does your skin. At infancy, skin is soft, smooth and healthy. During teenage years and into early adulthood, skin is still young, strong and supple. If only it would stay that way! By middle age and into the golden years, skin starts to thin out, becomes drier and wrinkly.

Your skin will age much quicker if your body is not getting what it needs for healthy skin. What is the purpose of skin? Protection! Skin protects the body from damage to internal organs and keeps you from getting sick. Did you know that the skin is the largest organ of the human body? Keeping the body healthy includes skin. Taking care of your skin will help prevent future problems, like wrinkles and even skin cancer.

Drink lots of water. Water is important to help skin remain strong and supple. Without proper hydration, skin becomes dry and cracked. Over time, skin will lose elasticity and wrinkles start to develop. Drinking more water helps reduce breakouts too!

Apply sunblock! Regardless of your skin tone, the sun’s UV rays can be very harmful to skin. You may not see the effects immediately, but skin damage will catch up later in life.

Take in skin vitamins. You have to protect your skin! Give it what it needs to be strong and healthy. Good vitamins for skin include Vitamin A (Retinol), Vitamin E, and Vitamin C.Collagen helps reduce wrinkles and is very important for healthy skin.

Skin antioxidants help to restore healthy skin cells and are a necessity to combat aging skin, from the inside out. The body does not produce antioxidants; they must be ingested through food or good skin vitamins will contain skin antioxidants.

You may not be able to stop the aging process, but you can make sure you have healthy, younger looking skin while doing it!

Skin AntioxidantsSkin antioxidants have become very popular because they combat free radicals found in the environment. These free radical cells combine with healthy skin cells to cause damage, wrinkles, and generally multiply the signs of aging. So skin antioxidants protect the skin and help it look younger and smoother. Here are some of the better skin antioxidants available and commonly used in skin care products:

  • Acai Berry
    While people are making all kinds of claims about acai berry that it can help everything from weight loss to impotency one thing is for sure about it: it is one of the most antioxidant rich fruits available. A study found that it has the highest ORAC antioxidant value of anything you can eat. Plus it contains phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals that make skin healthier, smoother, and younger looking. And acai berry also has astringent properties that keep the skin taunt and prevent sagging. So acai berry is for sure a very potent skin antioxidant.
  • Pine Bark Extract
    Coming mainly from European pines, pine bark extract is a  potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound. Studies have shown pine bark extract to be 20-50 times more potent than the most common skin antioxidants (Vitamins E & C). Pine bark is effective against both water and fat soluble free radicals due to its unique chemical makeup. All of these benefits add up to make pine bark an outstanding skin antioxidant compound and it is very often found in skin vitamins.
  • Grape Seed Extract
    Derived mainly from red grapes, this extract has large amounts of oligomeric proanthocyanidins or OPCs. This is the antioxidant heavy compounds found in vegetables and fruits that lend them their main benefits. Grape seed has been found to have a wide variety of health benefits and has been used in treatments for diseases ranging from heart problems to cancer. So one can see grape seed makes an excellent skin antioxidant and is often used in skin vitamins for it’s ability to protect healthy skin cells.

There are many other antioxidant rich botanicals available that are excellent at preventing free radical damage. The ones mentioned here are among the most popular skin antioxidants and often used in skin vitamins and anti-wrinkle creams.

Skin vitamins reduce wrinklesYour skin is the largest, most visible, and most abused part of your body. The amount of ware and tear the average person’s skin deals with over a lifetime is truly remarkable. One of the best ways to give your skin a little help is by using specially formulated skin vitamins. We’re all the time told that what we eat effects the way we look, this is especially true with regard to the skin. Skin vitamins can add special nutrients that you may not get normally.  And as a result you could experience:

  • Younger, smoother looking skin
  • Reduce wrinkles action
  • Better self confidence
  • An overall healthy glow

You may wonder though, How can skin vitamins really help me? Two ways: Rejuvenating and Protecting

First protecting:

  • Antioxidants – These are included in skin care vitamins to stop free radicals. These cells attach to healthy skin cells to cause wrinkles, damage, and generally worsen the signs of aging. Many skin vitamins use pine bark, acai berry and other popular antioxidants to stop skin damage and reduce wrinkles.
  • Omega 3s – Keep skin hydrated and prevent sagging, reduce wrinkles, and remove fine lines.

Then rejuvenating:

  • Collagen – break down of existing collagen in the skin is one of the main reasons for the appearance of wrinkles as we age. Many skin vitamins help reduce wrinkles by including collagen in the formula.
  • Hyaluronic Acid – This is one of the main components of the outer most layer of the skin (dermis). HA helps the skin retain moisture helping it to look smoother and younger. This is found in topical solutions, and more recently in skin vitamins as well.

It’s really just a matter of providing the skin with things it may not get enough of or that it had at one point and lost as it ages. It really is amazing what kind of changes diet can bring about, and skin vitamins are the best way to add to your diet if you want to reduce wrinkles and have younger skin.


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